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High-Speed Drilling EDMS

Product category: High-Speed Drilling EDMS

Product model: WJD730

Brand: Wenjie CNC

Manufacturer: Taizhou Wenjie CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.


The electro discharge drilling machine tool is mainly used for wire cutting EDM holes, chemical fiber spinneret, spinneret plate holes, filter plate, group holes of screen plate, engine blades, heat emission holes of cylinders and oil and gas holes of hydraulic and pneumatic valves, etc. It can also be used to corrode broken iron head and screw tap in the workpiece, without damaging the original hole or thread. The machinable aperture is ¢0.3~¢3.0; the maximum ratio of pit-depth to pit-diameter can reach up to 300:1; penetration can be achieved directly from slopes and hook faces. Wenjie EDM small hole machine has the characteristics of precision linear bearing, low loss, high efficiency, convenient operation, two shafts equipped with a digital display device and fast processing speed, etc.

Technical parameter

Electrode diameter(mm)Ф0.3-Ф3.0
Work head travel(mm)250
Z-axis servo travel(mm)290
Z-axis Max Adjust Speed(mm/min)120
Circumgyrate Head(C axis)Rev60
Worktable Size(mm)340×440
X-Y travel(mm)300×350
The maximum space between the guider and worktable(mm)70-290
Worktable high(mm)950
Max processing current(A)30
Input max power(kw)3.5
Power supply input way(V/Hz)380/50
Work flume capability(L)25
Work liquid filtrate way

Shallow seam type

Max pump pressure(Mpa)6
Host outline size (L*W*H)(mm)1150×800×800
Machine weight(kg)852