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Medium-Speed Wire-Moving Linear Cutting—Servo High-End PD-SE

Product category: Medium-speed wire-moving linear cutting machine tool

Product model: PD-SE

Brand: Wenjie CNC

Manufacturer: Taizhou Wenjie CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.


Product description: Medium-speed Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining (MS-WEDM for short) belongs to the category of reciprocating high-speed wire-moving wire cut electric discharge machine, which achieves the multiple cutting functions on high-speed reciprocating wire-moving wire cut electric discharge machine and is commonly known as "medium wire-moving cutting". Wenjie MS-WEDM has a good taste, high quality, super stability and low price!

1. It adopts the semi-closed loop control to verify and set the structure and parameters accurately in the proofreading link of the entire driving system, so as to further improve the positioning accuracy and moving precision of the workbench drive;

2. It has good stability, and the workbench has a strong anti-interference capability to maintain a stable running speed after the accurate calculate of load and inertia;

3. The servo motor and ball screw are driven by means of direct connection, which has a simple structure, reduces assembly errors, has a high response speed and good dynamic and static characteristics.

Machine tool type PD-32SE/STPD-40SE/STPD-50SE/STPD-63SE/ST
Worktable Size (W*L)760×520mm850×600mm1000×750mm1170×830mm
Max trip of X,Y-axis of the worktable (Y×X)400×320mm500×400mm630×500mm800×630mm
Max cutting thickness250mm250mm300mm300mm
Max load weight300kg500kg800kg1000kg
Max cutting efficiency180mm²/min
Max processing current7A
Optimum surface roughnessFirst cutting Ra≤2.3um, second cutting Ra≤1.6um, third cutting Ra≤1.0um
Cutting accuracyLine≤±0.0025mm, taper≤±0.01mm
Hop accuracy0.01mm/0-200mm、0.015mm/0-350mm、0.02mm/0-500mm
Max cutting taper±3°/80mm
Electrode wire diameter range (molybdenum wire)0.12-0.25mm(standard configuration 0.18mm)
Driving modeX, Y, U, V-axis servo (Panasonic servo) or stepper ( 5-phase 10-pat), Z-axis electric silent elevation
Cutting fluid box configurationHigh pressure slow wire filtration, volume 100L
Cutting fluid ratioDick liquid mixed with pure water, concentration 8-12
Power consumption of complete machine<2KW
Power supplyThree-phase four-wire 380VAC/50HZ
Host weight1860kg2160kg2750kg3450kg
Host outline size (L*W*H)1570×1100×1700mm1600×1220×1700mm1850×1400×1800mm2070×1655×2060mm
Packaging outline size (L*W*H)1720×1300×1800mm1850×1420×1800mm2050×1600×1900mm2340×2100×2160mm